Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Performance that Never Happened


As every performance is unique to each live moment, a performance cannot be duplicated in quite the same manifestation. The spontaneity of a performance feeds off its audience and changes its energy, which in turn the audience members. After a performance is finished there is a sense of high vibration and excitement, creating a relationship between the audience and the performance. As they both become part of the experience of the event that just took place, there is a mutual understanding of the event that just happened on stage.

What would a performance be like if their was no audience to witness its event? What if the audience was exposed to a performance as it was ending? For my performance on the big stage I would like to set up a scenario where the stage has been set up with already used props, such as shreds of cut up fabric, a pail with a watering can, some musical instruments, a chair, a mirror and a teacup, and lots of blue paint.(It's not Yves Klein's blue, but something close?) All the props and sceanarios are staged to draw references to some of my favorite performance pieces and artists. As the doors open for the show, I will take my bow and begin to clean up the stage.

In my booth I will be displaying what a performer goes through after a performance. I will be winding down from the ‘high’ that is experienced performing through meditation and yoga exercises. I will be cleaning myself up from dirt and markings that happened during the “performance”. I will post some Polaroid’s of the performance where audience members can feel free to enquire about the show that they had missed.

In a sense my whole piece is not about what actually happened during the performance, but the idea of what a performer undergoes in the complete experience of what it is to perform.

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